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What is IYRC?

International Youth Robot Competition (IYRC) is global scaled robot competition for young generation.

IYRC is widely open to youngsters aged over 8 who like to build robots and even don’t know much about robots.

IYRC offers not only competition but also a variety of programs including science experiment, social activities, and attractive tour.

IYRC will be to the right place to share future-oriented and constructive ideas among robot teachers, business people, and experts from all over the world.


What is then IYRA?

IYRA is for International Youth Robot Association hosting IYRC.

IYRA was established based on First General Meeting in Daejeon, August 2013, and its head office was registered in Seoul, Korea as Non Profit Organization. (Register No. 109-80-19297)

IYRA’s main object is to give an opportunity for young students to expand their abilities and dreamsfor the future by organizing various robot events, camps and education programs.


The First General Meeting & Workshop

- 4 August 2013, National Science Museum, Daejeon, Korea


15 delegates from 10 nations came and decided to establish IYRA.


The Workshop on Robot Education also was held.

Our Organization



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