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New Partners from China
Recently we were pleased to have new National Partners of IYRA from China.  


IYRC Malaysia 2014

-21 March

After IYRC Malaysia in 2013, the event this year also was held successfully in Malysia.

IYRC Korea 2013

-November 16-17

In the name of "R-Sports Festival", IYRC Korea was held along with other competitions.


Some high-scored participating teams were selected to join IYRC 2014.

IYRC Malaysia 2013.

- June 30, 2013, Malaysia 



Step By Step Technology Education Sdn, Bhd. has organized the event very successfully.




The First General Meeting & Workshop

- 4 August, National Science Museum, Daejeon, Korea


15 delegates from 10 nations came and decided to establish IYRA.


The Workshop on Robot Education also was held.

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